Petite magie

The short film Petite Magie tells the story of Anna, daughter that is affected by schizophrenia. Anna everyday goes to the same park, to the same bench, one day she meet a street artist who wants her to assist to his bobble show. The two start to meets everyday at the same time, and day by day they start to fall in love. Anna is curious of the guy, now she is happy to go to the park everyday. But a man near them who was following her, watching the strange situation take her to her house. We learn that the man was his father and the artist was only a sculpture. She is in treatment to the father house. The father close her to her room while he examine her diary, and there will find some photos where she is playing with the artist, who is real. The girl with his fantasy will escape the room, and goes to the artist. After a big hug they start again the show, but now the father too will follow her and get back her Polaroid. Now he can see the bobbles too.



Director:Simone Boccalatte
Genre: Short Film
Country & Year of Production: Italy, 2017
Cast: Federica Sabatini, Vanni Pensato, Leandro Paradoxa Grillo
Producer: Isabella Benigno
Screenplay: Isabella Benigno
Cinematography: Luca Annarone, Priamo Greco, Livia Mastrangelo
Original Score: Bruno Falanga
Sound: Andrea Oppo
Sound Editing: Silvia Orengo
Sound Mix: Giulio Previ